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Curling sweeping footwork

curling sweeping footwork

Subsequently, Paul Webster of raffle prizes meaning the CCA posted an article detailing the optimal body position zara gift cards australia for the most effective sweeping.
However, holding onto a stone handle with each hand protects an athletes shoulders by allowing them the ability to transfer their weight from arm to arm as required.
The mechanics of the arm in this position are quite different from using the arm to sweep (repetitive flexion and extension of the shoulder) and, instead, using it to drag the stone along the ice (more shoulder horizontal abduction).
Closed position, left side, many curlers sweep in either the Open or the Closed position to ensure that their favorite hand is the lower on the brush handle, if paired with a teammate who favours the same side.When on the right side, as illustrated tripadvisor promo code holiday 99 in the next photograph, the right hand is closest to the brush head.Some curlers prefer this position at the outset, at least for the hands.Moreover, the broom angle is relatively steep, which allows Kirsten to utilize as much of her body weight as possible to produce additional vertical force through the brush head.Team Martin executing a shot against Randy Ferbeys rink at the 2009 Canada Cup: Courtesy of the Canadian Curling Association.Readers will notice that in the photograph at the top of this article Kirstens body position has her hips elevated, and higher than her shoulders (illustrated with the red line).So it is in brushing.A second coaching point is to ensure that the athletes hips are level with, or lower than, the athletes shoulders.Also important to note is that, in sweeping, the opposite shoulder, via the broom, helps add stability to the shoulder of the lower arm.Keeping the back flat and out of the bent (flexed) position will help protect their lumbar discs and will be easier on their back muscles.Lack of fitness on the part of the athlete will compromise (a) the brushing position, (b) the efficiency of the player during a game or tournament, (c) the athletes stamina, or possibly all three.Hence the Open position is arguably the preferred sweeping position from a safety standpoint, which is why it is so frequently taught to beginners.An 85-15 ratio is plausible (with 85 being the lower hand but other ratios are possible.