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Pokemon sweep calculator

pokemon sweep calculator

No extra feature 285 Horn Drill TM463 Normal Physical 1 1 5 0 Horn Drill always faints the enemy Pokemon if only maximum HP of the user's Pokemon is bigger or equal to the maximum HP of the enemy's Pokemon and user's level is bigger.
Badass Adorable : Ponyta is an adorable little foal.
Kevlard : Can have the Thick Fat ability, giving it additional resistances to Fire and Ice attacks.
Scrub territory on Smogon, not only had working Generation dell teacher discount uk IV, but also the only working Generation V in existence, as well as a far more active developer.While trapping moves like Mean Look, Wrap, and their variants have fallen by the wayside due to the faster-paced metagamenote ppponents are much more likely to switch out of an unfavorable matchup than stick around long enough for such a move to connect to its intended.Didn't See That Coming : Using Pokémon from the Rarely-Used (RU) or Never-Used (NU) tier can catch foes off guard in the Over-Used (OU) tier, as they might not follow what Pokémon from those tiers run for their sets as closely and sometimes have little.No extra feature 229 Fury Swipes TM366 Normal Physical Fury Swipes user strikes between 2-5 times in a row 230 Fusion Bolt TM540 Electric Physical Regular move.Fragile Speedster : Pretty fast but not completely durable.All Marowak are capable of using Fire type moves like Flamethrower or Fire Punch.No extra feature 179 Facade TM042 Normal Physical Facade deals double damage if the enemy has a status problem (e.g.Bone Rush was another bone-based move that was also exclusive to them until Gen IV, when Lucario can also learn.Along with the revamping came a name change to "Smogon University" and a slogan change from "Pokémon on the Internet; let's make it happen!" to " 'Nil Sine' Pokémon "note "Nothing without Pokémon".It's unknown why this site is seen as an authority.Secret Art : Rock Wrecker for Rhyperior, although no longer exclusive as of Gen.Waddling Head : Unlike its pre-evolutions, Gengar has fully-attached arms and legs and spends most of its time on the ground.Poor, Predictable Rock : The only moves they learn are stab attacks, Normal, and Bug.Counter Attack : They can be bred to have Counter, which takes the damage from a physical attack and returns it to the sender twofold.Oral Fixation : Prior to Generation IV, its in-game sprite usually shows it holding its stalk between its beaks.
Big Eater : Uses its 6 foot tongue to eat.
No Biological Sex : They're genderless due to their mechanical nature, though this doesn't stop them from being able to breed with a Ditto.